//Is Shopify Plus A Good B2b E-Commerce Platform In The UK And Australia?

Is Shopify Plus A Good B2b E-Commerce Platform In The UK And Australia?

Each retailer will start the e-commerce business with specific goals. But all merchants have an objective of increasing sales. However, they lack an idea of ways to begin this business. They, therefore, start creating an online store from scratch which cost them a lot of money. Also, they design a sketchy store which makes them run a business of low income. If you want to ease the process of building your store, you need to consider a b2b e-commerce platform. In the UK and Australia, there are millions of platforms, but not all will help you achieve your goals. Shopify plus is among the best platforms with reliable features. It is a hosted platform, and all the hosting costs are included within your monthly plan. You will not add any extra money.

The good thing about Shopify is that it can fit all the retailers including those with budgetary constraints. Here are 3 essential features that make Shopify stand out from other platforms:

 SEO performance

B2b business involves selling your products to other companies. But how will you get the buyers? You need to know the best places to find them. The search engines are becoming among the top sites where customers believe in getting the best products. They, therefore, spend a lot of time on Google, Yahoo, and Bing hoping to find reliable sellers. With Shopify plus as your b2b e-commerce platform, you will be on a safer side. It comes with excellent SEO tools to assure you of reaching the search engine users. Also, it has the customization options to enable you to add quality content and images to enhance the ranking of your site.

 Shopify plus add-ons and functionality

The large App stores are essential because they will allow you to run your business effectively. It is for this reason why you need to consider Shopify plus as your b2b e-commerce platform. It has over 2500 apps. You will get the marketing apps, accounting and financial extension which will take your business to the next level.


Your b2b business will grow with time. Hence, you need to ensure that you have robust scalability features to allow your site to grow as your work increases. Shopify plus is a scalable b2b e-commerce platform that will enable your website to handle a massive amount of work. With this, you will create a robust online presence and enhance the customers’ experience. The buyers will be sure to find b2b products on your store.

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